“You have saved my life! Words can never express how thankful I am, Joanne that I listened to you (I know at times I was challenging). Thank you for all of your support and motivation. You Rock!”


“Some say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. We can’t thank you enough for all of your guidance. Not only are we feeling great, but our blood sugar is now under control. We are so grateful to you Joanne Orshan.”


“At this time, I would like to thank my health coach, Joanne Orshan for supporting me with my health and wellness lifestyle education. Joanne is very professional and caring and takes time to personally help her clients achieve their goals. Joanne encourages and praises your progress every week and her lessons are educational and easy to follow. Personally, I reduced my waist line and lost many inches with following Joanne’s guidelines in her program.”


“Two years I decided to seek help from Joanne Orshan with my weight and health issues. After several weeks of her counseling, I started to feel better and lose weight. After several months, I lost a substantial amount of weight. Joanne Orshan has been a great motivator for me. This past year, due to surgeries, I was not able to leave the house much. Now that I am feeling better, I am now seeing her again to help get me back in shape once again.”


“After visiting my Dr.’s office, I met Joanne and was immediately impressed with her program and passion to help me reach my weight loss goals. Her inspiration resonated with me. She has been such an inspiration to me on my journey and I have had a significant weight loss thru her program. More importantly Joanne has coached me to feel better and healthier than I have ever been. I highly recommend Joanne Orshan as an exceptional Coach. ”


“I highly recommend Joanne as your Health Coach!
I’ve known Joanne to be a dynamic coach with extensive knowledge. She has inspired me to lose weight, and most importantly see this program as a long term lifestyle instead of a quick fix diet. Joanne has lead our group to in depth discussions about a variety of topics that apply to all and deeply touch each of us weekly.
Joanne has extensive knowledge about the program, and the importance and benefits of supplementation. This has helped me understand the science and apply it successfully on a scale of 1-10, Joanne is A TEN !!! ”

Robin R, Miami FL

“Last April, I began working with Joanne as my health coach. Although I’ve known Joanne for years, she immediately put her professional coaching hat on and we began our journey. She was able to slowly introduce the program at a comfortable pace without overwhelming me. Like many others, I had tried many diet plans in the past. None of them were sustainable. My goals for this program included weight loss, health, energy, mood stability, improved sleep, and sustainability(hence the word “lifestyle”). Joanne considered every one of my goals on a weekly basis. Joanne’s enthusiasm is contagious. She comes to our weekly meetings with a smile on her face, ready to excite her group. Joanne is reliable, consistent, kind, and empathic.”


“ I would like to let you know about the positive impact of my Health Coach, Joanne Orshan has had on my wife and me. It’s been a long time since I faced the necessary steps needed to have a successful weight loss. Joanne has instructed me with the tools and understanding of what I need to do to change my eating habits on a daily basis. Joanne goes above and beyond for my wife and I, with any questions and concerns we have regarding our lifestyle program. I just want to take a moment to write this to commend her on her positive influence and the beginning of changing my eating habits to a healthier life style. ”

Anthony C, Queens, NY

“I am writing you to let you know how happy I was to have Joann Orshan as my TLS coach. I was skeptical about the program at first, since I have been on the Weight Watchers Program for 5 years. I also did this program along with my husband, as his support. We went to the program and it made a big difference in our lives. Joann has made us understand food and our bodies and how it all works together. When I started to the program my A1C was 6.5 and now went to 6.1 in 12 weeks. Joann in very thorough when explaining and educating us on matters of the Program in a way that my husband is practicing the program on a daily basis.
Anytime I had a question I could always e-mail Joann and within hours she got back to you with an answer. The group also benefited from having guest speakers join in on how important some of the products are and the benefits to our bodies. We are now eating healthier than before and it is all because of what we have learned from Joann.
I just want to take a moment and commend Joanne Orshan, and thank you for your time in reading this.”


“I would like to share with you my experience with my mentor, coach and friend Joanne Orshan.  It is often said if you want to know about how to “diet” just ask an overweight person. We know it all just have to do it. Well..I thought i knew it all until I meet Joanne.This lifestyle is two phases-and she excels at both…Firstly there is the technical aspect of the program. And I thought I knew it all. Joanne has imparted so much information on living and eating a healthy lifestyle. She knows so much we should put an MD after her name. Any question we come up with Joanne has the answer. I see things differently now because of the information she has provided to me. She has taught me its not about the numbers (although they are so much lower) but the health advantages to living and eating this way.
In addition as always with food there is the emotional component. I have been going through some life changing events during my journey with Joanne and not only does she provide the technical information required she is there with a hand to pull me back up when i fall off the wagon. I get and feel the true support of somebody who cares about me and what is going on in my life. She is able to connect with people on so many different levels. I could not do this without her.You are very lucky to have her representing you in presenting your program and so are we.”


“I am happy for the opportunity to speak of the life-changing program that has bettered my life, due primarily to my knowledgeable and entertaining coach, Joanne Orshan. I have recently signed up for another “tour of duty”, convinced that I am and will continue to be successful, because of her encouragement. Our class helped and supported each other , following Joanne’s example. She treated us with loving care, and made each one feel special. Because she cared about us, we cared about each other, and I wouldn’t be surprised if one of us was inspired to become a Coach as well. I will never forget the lessons I learned in this class, about food and about life…..and I will certainly never forget Joanne Orshan.”


“Tammy was and continues to be a vital part of our practice. The caring and attention she shows each and every patient helps inspire them.” 

Dr. Christine Ren-Fielding, Bariatic Surgeon, NY

“Losing weight is hard, Tammy makes that process easier. She’s walked the walk and she can talk the talk.” 

Dr. George Fielding, Bariatic Surgeon, NY

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