Why We are Different

We will help you to lose weight, change behaviors, and develop a healthier lifestyle. Through education and coaching about your body, mind and emotional connection we explore how this affects your long-term health and weight loss goals. We focus on coaching a sustainable self-care lifestyle program that you will master in order to achieve what you envision for yourself.

How We Work

Our programs encompass personalized health coaching support, low-glycemic impact eating, body composition, supplementation and education; offering extensive, menu plans that cover everything you’ll need to get fit and trim. This inclusive approach will assist you with achieving your weight loss goals and leading a new, healthy lifestyle.


The obesity epidemic is growing in the United States to record proportions.  Many health care professionals would rank obesity as a health care crisis that will only get worse over time.  Because of our busy lifestyles, lack of free time, and preponderance of fast “food” alternatives, many Americans find it very difficult lose weight and maintain that weight loss.  Weight loss has been shown to lead to the reduction of many different types of health care issues, including high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, and diabetes.  Weight loss has also been shown to decrease stress on bones and joints.  Yet 95% of people who lose weight gain it back within a year, and 97% gain it back within 2 years.  However, diets don’t work, so how can we combat this problem? A comprehensive, science based program that is easy to follow and will provide the tools needed for sustainable weight loss and improved health.

Low-Glycemic Eating

A Low-GI-Lifestyle helps support your metabolism and allows you to lose weight optimally – mostly as body fat. You will not go hungry, feel deprived, or quit from lack of variety. Emphasis is on adopting a meal plan made up of Low-GI- foods.

Low GI foods promote weight loss while preserving lean muscle mass and do not lower metabolic rate

Provides a steady stream of energy

Addresses body composition & fat loss

Optimal impact on blood sugar levels

Decreases hunger, increases satiety

Healthy cardiovascular system

Healthy cholesterol & triglyceride levels



Healthy weight and sleep go hand in hand.  Do you know all the different points of sleep intervention available to you through proper diet and supplementation?  Your ability to make healthy levels of serotonin (the neurotransmitter responsible for optimal mood & healthy weight, which quiets food cravings and assists you in the production of melatonin) is not possible if you are not vitamin D sufficient.

While many dieters buy into the idea that a healthy lifestyle is as easy as watching what you put into your mouth (and that IS a great start) true well-being understands the importance of all “fat factors” including nutrient sufficiency and sleep.



Stress and lack of sleep often go hand-in-hand. Stressful situations can keep you up at night and tiredness and irritability can make daily tasks more stressful. High stress also causes a spike in cortisol further triggering food cravings, especially for high-calorie carbohydrates. This constant increase in appetite can make it difficult to resist unhealthy snacks and grazing between meals.



Studies show regular activity is key to losing weight and keeping it off. As well as providing numerous health benefits, exercise can help burn off the excess calories you can’t cut through diet alone. Find an activity you enjoy and are able to fit into your routine.



Sustainable weight loss requires a change in lifestyle. Affirmations will certainly help you to change your life. Studies have shown that our bodies maintain our weight with what our minds are comfortable with. You have the ability to improve your self image by repeating affirmations, over and over for a period of at least 6 months. In time you will learn to love who you are, and where you are at in the current time. When you know that you are worth the effort, your new healthy life style will just be “What I Do”.

Only I can change my health, no one can do it for me



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