Attention Everyone!

Welcome to a New Healthier You!

Welcome to a New Healthier You!

Are you interested in looking and feeling great?

We focus on weight loss, body composition and lifestyle change. Our speciality is creating a new you. We will coach you through the necessary adjustments of your current activity level and eating style as your entire lifestyle shifts you will experience a slimmer, healthier, happier you!

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What is Group Coaching?

In a small group setting our coaches guide you in creating your achievable goals while taking your metabolism and lifestyle into consideration. Together, we keep you accountable and concentrate on the following elements…


Specificity – varied menus and support based on what YOU want to accomplish


Measurable – countable acheivements to assess progress


Attainable – maintaining a realistic plan of action taking into consideration all aspects of your life


Relevant – why now? understanding why your previous struggles are important to overcome this time


Time-bound – remember slow and steady wins the race every time

How can group coaching help you in weight loss management?

Our group coaches will help you stay on track with weekly accountability and support from your peers via a private social media platform

You’ll be following a personalized lifestyle plan which Includes:


Weekly check-in with your coach


Detail oriented guidance


Sleep. Did you know that you will have an easier time losing weight more quickly if you are getting enough sleep at night? Sleep balances your serotonin levels. Balanced serotonin levels curb food cravings and overeating


Guidance on obtaining appropriate body composition


Learning how to eat healthily without getting strong and random junk food cravings?


Movement is intentional, not random


Community support is vital to your success

Take the time and effort to invest in the new you. You are worth it!


“At this time, I would like to thank my health coach, Joanne Orshan for supporting me with my health and wellness lifestyle education. Joanne is very professional and caring and takes time to personally help her clients achieve their goals. Joanne encourages and praises your progress every week and her lessons are educational and easy to follow. Personally, I reduced my waist line and lost many inches with following Joanne’s guidelines in her program.”



“Tammy was and continues to be a vital part of our practice. The caring and attention she shows each and every patient helps inspire them.”

Dr. Christine Ren-Fielding

Bariatric Surgeon, NYC
Weight Management Program

“Two years I decided to seek help from Joanne Orshan with my weight and health issues. After several weeks of her counseling, I started to feel better and lose weight. After several months, I lost a substantial amount of weight. Joanne Orshan has been a great motivator for me. This past year, due to surgeries, I was not able to leave the house much. Now that I am feeling better, I am now seeing her again to help get me back in shape once again.”


“Losing weight is hard, Tammy makes that process easier. She’s walked the walk and she can talk the talk.”

Dr. George Fielding

Bariatric Surgeon, NYC
Weight Management Program

What is included in this Program?

We follow an approach to weight loss that has four components.

Low-Glycemic-Impact Eating

You’ll learn how to eat foods that will help optimize your metabolism while keeping your blood sugar levels balanced. This is crucial in terms of long-term weight loss. You’ll also learn which foods and food combinations will help you lose the most amount of fat quickly and keep it off.

Body Composition

Focus on losing fat while building and keeping muscle. Most weight-loss regimens and programs focus on the opposite.

Science-Based Supplementation

Learn how to use the best in scientifically proven weight loss supplements to shed the pounds quickly and keep them off. The supplements will be customized according to your eating habits, preferences, and natural metabolism.


There is nothing more powerful in this world than knowledge. We’ll give you the knowledge and tools that you need to know to eat healthily for the rest of your life. This will allow you to stay slim, fit, and healthy for the rest of your life!

Welcome Friends!

Get to Know Joanne & Tammy

Joanne Orshan

My name is Joanne Orshan and I personally lost over 65 lbs. after struggling with weight gain during menopause. Through my journey of weight loss I realized my passion to help others reach their weight loss and health goals. To date, I have personally coached thousands of clients and live a healthy lifestyle myself. Not only do I dedicate myself to my client’s needs, I also focus on accountability, inspiration and motivation.

Working together, I can help you be the best you that you can be. We will journey from your current state to one of improved health and wellness. Let’s take information and create transformation.

Your wellness journey will begin today.  As a leading provider of Weight Loss and Healthy Living Programs I take pride in dedicating my services to the needs of my clients each and every day. My ability to connect, personalize, and care for my clients both professionally and  respectfully is what sets me apart from others.

The time is now. Join me!


I have a master’s degree as a Licensed Masters Social Worker from New York University. I have an extensive experience with weight loss management and counseling, specifically with surgical weight loss.   

I am currently a candidate for a master’s degree in health and wellness coaching from Maryland University of Integrative Health. And I’m a weight loss surgery patient too!

I had bariatric surgery in 2005. And yes, I have kept off about 110 pounds. So I know personally what it’s like to be overweight and how to successfully deal with life post weight loss surgery.

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